Criminal Intelligence Analysis – bespoke training

The world of criminal intelligence analysis is changing. The police service is changing as safeguarding becomes the highest priority for many forces. This requires different analytical skills than traditional crime pattern analysis as data becomes more qualitative and risk becomes about harm to people. Performance is no longer measured by how many crimes are recorded but by how well you protect your citizens and that isn’t easy to quantify. Danielle Williams Analysis and Consultancy offer a range of intelligence analysis and bespoke training for law enforcement and other investigators. Whatever your analytical training needs, a bespoke package can be written to your specifications. Are you setting up a team of intelligence analysts and researchers? We can give advice on how to structure your team and how to manage your workflow. Don’t have access to an analyst? We can provide analytical services on a case by case basis. We have experience of all types of criminal intelligence analysis from acquisitive crime pattern analysis, to serious, serial and complex crimes. We specialise in problem profiling and awareness raising in respect of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Public protection – awareness raising

Safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility. Are you a scout leader, guide leader, football team coach, rugby coach or in any other position where you work with children? If yes, you need to be able to spot the signs of abuse and exploitation. If your organisation would like to know more about safeguarding and what to do if you suspect abuse we can tailor awareness raising sessions to your needs.