HMRC Tradecraft Event

I have just returned from an excellent analytical tradecraft event organised by HMRC for analysts in government agencies.  I was asked to present at this event in June last year and prior to attending I knew very little about analysis within HMRC.  This event really showcased the vast array of work undertaken by HMRC’s ever expanding community of analysts.  It was amazing to see an organisation that really valued analysis and was making great progress in professionalisation of intelligence analysts.  The aim of this event was to showcase analytical tradecraft so it was set up with many workshops where participants could practice techniques.

I attended two workshops that I found really useful. The first was Morphological Analysis which is a term I had not come across before.  This technique helps you to generate scenarios to ensure you have considered all possible outcomes for your analysis.  The technique was published as a concept in the 60s by Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky and is a structured ideas generating tool that promotes lateral thinking.   It explores multiple soltions to multi-dimensional problems and concepts.  The practical  example for this technique was structured around an episode of the Apprentice, creating new products from specific criteria.  It was great fun and a good way to learn.  

I then attended a session on Advanced SWOT Analysis which added mathematical ratios to SWOT analysis allowing you to compare two entities.  In the practical side of the session we discovered that Justin BEIBER has a brighter future than James Bond!

I really enjoyed this conference and would thoroughly recommend it to all intelligence analysts.

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